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This is where the character profiles will be posted. Please link your profile in your tags so that it opens in a new tab, so that prospective partners can see if you'll be a good match for them, and them for you
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Character Profile

Post by Slade » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:47 am

This is the template to use for your profile. Copy the code file, past it into a Notepad, and fill it out and submit it

Code: Select all

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b]  (I don't think we need to explain this, but what the hell?  This is the name of your character, or name you're going by, etc.  You only need a given name, like Jack or Diane, not a full name.  If someone else is already using the name you want, denote the difference somehow, like adding an initial afterwards like Jack C or Diane L or something.  Even an asterisk, or enclosing it in asterisks works, just something to tell the difference)

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b]  (This is pretty basic, what sex are you?  Male, female?  We allow you to "gender bend" if you [i]really[/i] want to, for whatever reason you have, [i]but[/i] you [i]must[/i] tell the person you're with your [i]true[/i] sex, and [i]must[/i] list your true sex here with a note that you're gender bending.  This prevents drama and bullshit in the future.  It protects both you, and us)

[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b]  (Dominant, submissive, Switch, Vanilla, etc -- Even if you list something like Dominant, submissive, etc instead of Vanilla, this doesn't mean you have to always behave in this manner.  You're an individual and are unique with unique moods at different times)

[b][u]Who is your Dom/me? (Submissives Only):[/u][/b]  (As the name suggests, this is for submissives only, and its who your Dom/me is, or even who your Dom/mes are if you belong to a couple.  Pretty straightforward)

[b][u]Who is/are your submissive(s)?  (Dominants Only):[/u][/b]  (As the field suggests, this is where you list the name or names of your submissive or submissives.  As easy as pie)

[b][u]Restricted?  What are the restrictions?[/u][/b]  (This applies primarily to submissives, but can also be for people in a relationship with someone else that plays here, etc.  This simply tells us if you're restricted or not, and if so, what are your restrictions?  Are you allowed to play, but your Master/Mistress/Significant Other always comes first?  Does anyone who wishes to play with you have to get approval from your Master/Mistress/Significant Other?  And, of course, any other sort of restriction you might have, so others are aware of this before hand)

[b][u]Sexual Orientation:[/u][/b]  (Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi Curious, Willing to Experiment, etc -- You can answer as honestly as possible, even combining orientations with a short explanation or note, such as using Straight but Bi Curious, or Straight But Willing to Experiment, etc if you like)

[b][u]Likes:[/u][/b]  (As this suggests, these are things you like to do, say doggy style, or oral sex, etc for example)

[b][u]Dislikes:[/u][/b]  (As this suggests, these are things you don't like, don't want to do, etc, say for example you hate oral sex, or have an aversion to anal sex)

[b][u]Turn Ons:[/u][/b]  (These are things that you really like, that get you excited, or that you have a special fondness for, like being talked dirty to, having your hair tugged, oral sex, etc.  They may differ slightly from Likes by being things that are special likes for you)

[b][u]Turn Offs:[/u][/b]  (These are things that you really dislike, that make you lose the mood, or that you have a particular aversion to, such as someone being an arrogant prick or jackass, having your hair pulled, being called a nasty name, or abnormally lewd behavior [we're talking like beyond the lewd behavior you consider exciting])

[b][u]Hard Limits:[/u][/b]  (These are things that you not only dislike, that you are not only turned off by, but things that you [i]absolutely, positively, irrevocably without a doubt [b]WILL NOT DO[/b] under [b]ANY[/b] circumstances, [b]EVER.[/b][/i]  These are the "Don't ask, don't beg, don't even hint or suggest because it is [i]not[/i] happening" kinds of things.)

[b][u]Soft Limits:[/u][/b]  (These are things that you aren't crazy about, and that you don't plan on doing or wouldn't normally do, but [i]might[/i] be willing to do at some point, if you're asked nicely enough and turned on enough.  This is a bit different from dislikes in that a soft limit is something you might actually consider doing, even though you may not like the idea.  Dislikes tend to be things you're not interested in at all)

[b][u]Additional Notes:[/u][/b]  (This is where you tell us anything else you'd like us to know that's not covered above, or that you think needs more explanation or attention.  Pretty simple really)

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