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Room Rules

Post by Slade » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:43 am

1. This is a very sexually explicit roleplay room. If this is not the sort of thing you wish or are looking for, it bothers you, or does not suit your tastes, please leave now, to prevent hassle for us and you as well. As the room is a roleplay room, everyone is assumed to be in character, unless indicated otherwise, and there are location pulldowns used for various locations around the island. For the sexual aspects of the roleplay, alternative lifestyles (such as D/s, BDSM, etc) are allowed, but the room is not geared for any specific such lifestyle. The room and its roleplay is geared towards fulfilling sexual fantasies and allowing you to let your hair down, and enjoy sex for the simple joy of sex, without any entanglements, any hangups, or hassles. Though there are separate areas for Vanilla and D/s activities, you may go to either you wish, and watch, participate, whatever you wish to do. You are limited only by your own desires in that respect.

Observing is permitted, and you are encouraged to ask questions. Please add the ~O~ (or some permutation of) to the end of your name. Lurking, however, is not permitted. If you wish to observe, please do, but say something occasionally and let us know you're here. While voyeurism is a legitimate fetish, some people aren't comfortable being watched by a voyeur, and you shouldn't simply watch silently unless you ask everyone you're watching if they mind you watching silently.

Anonymous names are not permitted under any circumstances for any reason. Anonymous, dashes, dots, symbols, numbers without words, etc are not names. A name must be something you would find on an average, ordinary birth certificate (And don't tell us you'd name your child 69 or something stupid like that). Violators will be booted without warning because this is your warning. Take it to heart.

2. If you wish to join the room, prospective players are required to fill out a very basic, very simple profile, located on our message board, which is located here (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3). Once filled out and posted to the board, we ask that you link your profile in your tags so that prospective partners may view it before approaching you to see if they believe you to be a good match for what they're seeking, and it allows you to do the same to them. You won't have to come up with a biography for your character, detailing where they're from, or what they are doing here, or anything of that nature. The roleplay here is completely free form, without a structured rules set. Its assumed that everyone ends up on the island through some contact with someone that knows of the island, you've heard of it from some other source, etc, and you are free to indulge your sexual desires, with the consent of your partners, and as long as those desires are not illegal, or extreme to the point of being offensive or disgusting.

3. Again, this room is extremely sexually explicit. Open scening is permitted, heartily encouraged, and preferred, but not required. Threesomes, foursomes, larger groups and even orgies are permitted, and encouraged. Scening with two people can be taken to PM if they wish it, since you don't have to scene in public, but we like it when you do. All extreme fetishes, however, must be taken to PM. This means anything that is generally frowned upon by most people. Things that are illegal, such as having sex with children, having sex with animals, SCAT and similar things are not allowed, in public or PM. In addition, rape scenes are not allowed in the open room under any circumstances, and this includes "rape play," where you pretend to rape someone or be raped. If you really wish this type of roleplay, and its consensual OOC with your partner, it can be done in PM.

All encounters in this room and roleplay must be consensual by all involved. Generally speaking, this should be done by roleplaying the meeting, or initial conversation if your characters already know each other, as you would in any other roleplaying room. If the chemistry is there, nature will take its course. You might want to speak to them OOC and determine consent or not first, or just roleplay your ay into it. However, if for whatever reason the person you're wanting to roleplay with does not wish to, you should accept that and move on. You are allowed to PM someone to ask about participating in an encounter with them if you wish, but it must be done respectfully and politely, otherwise you will find yourself booted for harassment. This takes away from the roleplay and demotes this room to a Chatropolis style room, which is not what we want. You may ask to join in with large groups, such as foursomes, and orgies. If all consent, you may, but if your behavior becomes objectionable, you will be warned once, and if repeated, you will be booted.

This being said, NO means NO. If you roleplay with someone and they don't wish to scene, or if you ask someone to participate in a scene with you, and they refuse, that's it, move on. Don't try to convince them, and don't try to coerce them and definitely don't try to force them. Nothing happens in this room without consent from all involved, no matter what your "status" may be (Whether you're Dominant, submissive, Switch, Vanilla, etc). If you try this, you will be warned, then booted.

The room does have a definite D/s flavor, though it's not a BDSM room, per se. We do recognize and follow SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) rules. We will not tolerate any form of gratuitous cruelty or violence, we don't care how many times everybody consented to it. Anything that would threaten life, limb or psyche in real life is not permitted here. Spankings, whipping, and similar things are allowed, if they are consensual OOC.

Submissives and/or "slaves" are allowed to be collared and owned here by Dominant people. FORCE COLLARING IS NOT allowed, under any circumstances. You may own as many submissives or "slaves" as you wish, and as you can properly handle. You may restrict them as much or as little as you like, because we understand that some realtionships are multilayered.

Vanilla personalities (regular, normal sexual practices and situations) are perfectly welcome here as well, and you may mingle with anyone you choose to, either out of preference for company, curiosity, or so on. You are not restricted to any one group, regardless of what your personality is. However, don't try to force someone with another preference to bend to yours. For example, if you're into D/s, don't try to force a sweet vanilla person to be your submissive. If they don't wish to experiment with it or try it, that's the end of it.

4. Drama should remain in the movies and on TV, reality should remain outside your computer, and bullshit should remain in the pasture with the bulls and cows where it fucking belongs. This is a roleplay room, designed to allow you to escape the drama and bullshit of your reality by escaping into a pleasure filled fantasy of carnal lust. If you have issues with something or someone, please seek out the room owner or one of the staff and discuss it with them.

5. Everyone has some sort of inhibitions and hangups, but we encourage you to try to overcome them in this safe fantasy setting. We're not here to provide a love connection for you, or facillitate you getting an emotional attachment to someone, which can very easily and very often destroy a real life relationship. This isn't a dating service, its a place for you to go and relax and fuck your brains out with ready, willing partners in a safe, fantasy roleplaying environment. Monogamy isn't prohibited or frowned upon, or anything like that, if that's the path you choose to follow. You can be in a real life relationship with someone, and love them, and the both of you still enjoy some carnal fun here. What happens in the roleplay is the roleplay. Its not real, and its not you. If you can let go of such inhibitions it can be both fun and liberating if you wish to play here, but it is not required by any means. You may find things will go a lot smoother for you and your loved one if you do. You may even have a lot more fun and it could make things spicier for you in your real love life if you do!

6. Because of the nature of this room, we value your privacy, if you wish to maintain it, above all else, save your enjoyment. We ask that you do NOT share your identity, Skype information, Yahoo information, other messenger information, email, cell phone numbers or any other such thing with anyone you encounter here. This way, we keep the drama, bullshit and reality to a minimum. We know you're going to find a way to do so if you really, really want to, but we encourage you not to do so, because as stated before, it cuts down on the drama and bullshit.

7. Nudity, including frontal nudity, in AVs is permitted, welcomed and even encouraged. Even explicit sex scenes are permitted in an AV, though this is not implicitly encouraged. We know everyone has their own idea of what's sexy and what's simply too vulgar. As long as its not illegal (children, animals, SCAT, etc), widely offensive, or widely disgusting, you may feature it in your AV.

8. You are permitted ONE character in the room to start with, but you may use any model or picture that you like and may change as often as you like. No one will have a set model, and there is no model claim list. We do ask that you keep your AVs to real people, or realistic artwork. This means no cartoons, no anime, etc. If you demonstrate that you plan on sticking around for a true length of time, and want to portray characters of very different personalities (say a Switch that wants to use a different character for their Dominant and submissive moods, or someone who wants a vanilla character when they're not in the mood for a D/s character etc) you may take a second character, with Room Owner or Staff approval.

9. This is not Gor, so please don't try to bring Gor here. We encourage people to leave the Gorean mindset in Gor. Here, many things are vastly different than what you might be accustomed to in Gor. Free women (those that aren't collared) are allowed to display affection and skin as they choose to. There are no strictures or rules against it. You're fully welcome to have a Dominant or submissive character if you wish, but the roleplay here is set in modern times, on Earth, with no powers or abilities of any kind. The setting itself is mysterious with little true knowledge of it's location or existence to many in the outside world.

Please be respectful when speaking to others. If you wish to speak in third person, that's fine. We ask that you don't use split caps (A/all, W/we, H/he, etc) when speaking if at all possible. That makes it more respectful and less confusing for everyone.

10. The Room Owner and/or Council's word is final. That's it, the end, over.

All RPO rules are enforced and apply here. You chat here, you should at least have an idea of what they are.

These rules, and others, may be amended, and are possibly subject to change, as roleplay, circumstances, and decisions of the Room Owner and Council dictate.

Oh, and last, but certainly not least, and very important: enjoy yourself and have fun! This room is an escape, not a prison. Free yourself, and fly rather than cage yourself and be stuck on the ground.

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